The mathematics curriculum is presented with concrete materials, which reveal arithmetic, geometric, and algebraic connections. Work with the Montessori mathematics materials ensures that mathematics is not simply memorized, but understood.  These concrete materials help the student transition into working mathematical concepts abstractly.  The children’s knowledge of the decimal system is extended as they explore its quantities & qualities. Students practice operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Number hierarchy, fractions, decimals, negative numbers, squaring & cubing are studied. Throughout math work, what is learned is continuously applied to daily situations.  Elementary students continue exploring geometry on a sensorial level.  Students gain a strong understanding of fundamental geometric concepts through consecutive lessons with Montessori materials.  Students gradually begin to study geometry abstractly.  Students begin with a study of congruency, similarity, equivalence, and fractions which prepare them for later area and theorem work.  The study of lines, measurement of angles and the construction of geometric figures is also introduced.