WEMS offers extended hours before and after our regular hours.



The morning session is a time of preparation for the day and work time.  Upon arrival at the building, please proceed to the classroom where the early childhood/elementary program is held.  Please sign your child in at the classroom.


7:45 Children arrive and put belongings in their cubbies, including a cover sheet and blanket brought from home if the child is staying for Extended Day. Parents sign in.  Children assist with classroom preparation activities.

8:00 Children begin work time.

8:15  Elementary children go to their classroom.

8:30 Early Childhood children are escorted to their classes by a teacher.

8:45 Early Arrival toddlers welcome their classmates to class and begin work together.



All children have a rest time.  During rest time quiet music will be played and the children may look at books. After 1/2 hour, those who fall asleep will be able to remain asleep in one area of the classroom, while those who do not fall asleep will get up and begin work time.  


11:45 Hygiene/lunch.

12:30 Children get settled on their mats for rest/nap time.

2:15  Wake up time.

2:30  Outside time.

2:45  Group time.

3:00  Children help prepare a community snack and clean up.

3:30  Outdoor time.

4:30  Group and work time.

5:20  Children clean up, gather their belongings and prepare for dismissal.  Parents sign out at sign-in desk.


Early Childhood/Elementary:

12:30 Children arrive from classrooms, put belongings in designated cubbies and participate in group time.

12:45 Children get settled on their mats for rest/nap time.

1:35  Children who are not asleep, get up, put their mats away, and participate in outdoor or work time. Early childhood children who are asleep continue to sleep.

2:00  Outdoor time.

2:30  Children who are still asleep are woken up and put away their mats.  The child's cover sheet and blanket will be placed in their bag to be brought home, laundered and returned the next day.

2:45  Group time.

3:00  Students arrive from Early Childhood Afternoon and Elementary.  Children help prepare a community snack and clean up.

3:30  Outdoor time.

4:30  Group time, Early Childhood work time and Elementary homework time.

5:20  Children clean up, gather their belongings and prepare for dismissal.  Parents sign out at sign-in desk.



Children can be enrolled for any number of days (minimum of two). Toddlers need to be two to stay past 2:45 pm. Payment can be made on an annual contract, monthly contract or on a drop-in basis provided space is available. To enroll, please complete and return a contract for each child attending.  You will then be given a statement based on the number of days the student will attend each year.  For a full year, there are approximately 130 extended days for toddlers and 170 for early childhood, based on an average number of days per month.  Payment can be made bi-annually (prices include 10% discount) or monthly (prices include 5% discount) on a contract. Spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis. Extended  sessions will begin the first full week of school and are closed when school is closed. Please note that there is a $15.00 per 15 minute (or any part thereof) late fee for children picked up after 5:30pm.  For children staying from 12:30-3:00, a $15 charge is assessed annually for a school-issued rest mat.  No credits are given for missed days due to illness or inclement weather.





Plan A Bi-Annual

July and Jan.

Plan B Monthly


2 Day until 2:45




2 Day until 5:30 $2,700 $1,215 $256

3 Day until 2:45




3 Day until 5:30 $3,400 $1,530 $323

4 Day until 2:45




4 Day until 5:30 $4,100 $1,845 $390
5 Day until 2:45 $2,800 $1,260 $266
5 Day until 5:30 $4,600 $2,070 $437

Drop in until 2:45 is $30/day

Drop until 5:30 is $60/day


Early Childhood and Elementary



Plan A

July and Jan.

Plan B


2 Day AM




2 Day Half PM




2 Day Full PM




3 Day AM




3 Day Half PM




3 Day Full PM




4 Day AM




4 Day Half PM




4 Day Full PM




5 Day AM




5 Day Half PM




5 Day Full PM




Drop in AM is $10/day
Drop In Half Day is $25/day

Drop In Full Day is $50/day