Self-expression is nurtured in all children.  Children experience visual art, music, poetry, theatre, writing, dance and other forms of creative arts with confidence and passion.  As current research continues to indicate the importance of this area of study, we find it a very natural part of our curriculum.

Art Appreciation and Art History is as natural part of the curriculum as technique and use of various media.  We learn about art as we do everything else, from the perspective of history.  We study the various forms of media as we study the artists who created and used them.  Weekly formal art instruction from Art and Montessori certified teacher Michele Mohar introduces new techniques, materials, and art experiences.

Music is an important part of our classroom as well.  Daily singing and listening are accentuated by weekly training on rhythm and singing from our specialist, Dr. David Eslick.  The arts are naturally integrated into cultural studies and language (creative writing).  Special guests will join the class occasionally to share cultural art forms.  The students attend at least one performance of children's theatre each year.  Classroom-based drama production and performance encourages the public speaking, poise, self-control, and games.


Foreign Language
Continuing our commitment to foreign language instruction that began in the Early Childhood Environment, each Elementary student receives instruction in Spanish language. The children are introduced to vocabulary, conversation, music and dance. Spanish is spoken frequently in the classroom, both by teachers and students. Supplemental Spanish language materials will be available in the classroom for independent study.